Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human body.

3 & 6 Months Certificate  


  • Makeup Tools / Categories of Cosmetics
  • Creating a Flawless Base
  • Perfecting Foundation, working with Different Product Textures
  • Contouring Techniques / Shading & Highlighting
  • Camouflage Makeup Techniques
  • Waterproof Makeup
  • Bridal Makeup Looks / Techniques for Day, Evening & Studio
  • Eye / Cheek / Lip Makeup Techniques
  • Fashion & Glamour Makeup Techniques
  • Fashion Catwalk Looks, Smoky Eyes, Nude Look, Retro Looks, Eyelash ☐Beauty etc
  • Eyebrow Shaping / Tweezing
  • Theatre Makeup Techniques
  • Character Makeup, eg Clown, Opera, Horror, Fantasy etc
  • Face Painting, Body Art, Henna Art
  • Special Effects & Casualty Makeup
  • Creating Wounds, Burns, Scars, Wrinkles etc
  • Modelling works, changing Facial Features, noses, chins etc
  • Making effects such as Burnt Skin, Bullet Holes, Gangrene Leg etc
  • Hair Works, working with Crepe Hair to make stubbles etc.
  • Creating a Bald Look
  • Fashion Hairstyling Techniques
  • Working with Hair Dryer / Flat Iron to create Straight Hair / Curls etc.
  • Creating Up-do Hairstyles, Bunning, Plaits etc.
  • Makeup Designs and Styling for Portfolio Preparation

Course Duration

  • Fibre& Yarn Science
  • Elements of Fashion & Design
  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction- I
  • Constitution of India and Human Rights
  • Fabric Science & Analysis
  • Fashion Illustration & Design
  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction- II
  • Environment and Public Health
  • Textile Wet Processing
  • Fashion Art and Design
  • Pattern Making & Garment Construction- III
  • Computer Applications and Information Technology
  • History of Textiles & Costumes
  • Textile & Apparel Testing
  • Apparel Production
  • Communication skills
  • Fashion Retail,Marketing & Merchandising
  • Apparel Computer Aided Design- I
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Draping
  • Needle Craft
  • Internship Training/craft documentation
  • Life skills & Personality Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Apparel Computer Aided Design- II
  • Garment Surface Ornamentation
  • Apparel Total Quality Management
  • Clothing culture & communication
  • Fashion Portfolio & Design Collection
  • Indian History, Culture and Diversity

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